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4 Pillars of Health

by Rugged Coaches on 02/25/16

Here at Rugged Fitness we are dedicated to going beyond the workout to empower our members to make positive change in their lives.  We believe that, as important as exercise is, it is only one component of a healthy lifestyle.  Our approach is to address all areas which we call the 4 Pillars of Health. 

Movement:  How your body functions is a key pillar of health.  This is why we begin all new members with a Functional Movement Screen to ensure that they begin their exercise program at the proper level for their body in order to maximize their results and reduce the risk of injury.

Nutrition: In this Pillar we go beyond just the concept of dieting by encouraging members to change their relationship with the food they eat.  Making changes to your nutritional behaviors will help you reach your long term health goals more effectively than simply jumping from diet to diet.

Mindset:  As one of the main Pillars of Health, your emotional health and stress level is going to greatly influence your progress in all other areas.  When this pillar is not properly addressed individuals will be: prone to all types of eating issues, experience fatigue and lack of desire to exercise & will have trouble recovering due to elevated stress hormones. 

Recovery:  One of the least addressed pillars for many people, recovery includes areas such as proper sleep, hydration flexibility and baseline muscle tension.  We teach our members a variety of guidelines and techniques for maximizing the time between workouts to improve their results. 

Here is a short video of Coach Brian discussing these 4 Pillars of Health and how they fit into our overall coaching strategy here at Rugged Fitness:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng1IpoX1zJE

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