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Rugged Fit Standards

by Rugged Coaches on 03/01/16

Here at Rugged Fitness we are always striving to empower our members to reach outside of their comfort zones to achieve new levels of health and fitness.  To that end, we are excited to be rolling out a new program of physical assessments at our facility that we are calling our Rugged Fit Standards  This program will give our members a series of targeted performance goals to improve the Movement Pillar of our 4 Pillars of Health.  It will also be the focus of our group workouts which will be designed around training participants to build the strength, endurance & movement proficiency to achieve these goals.  Here's an introduction to the program and a summary of the Rugged Fit Standard movements:

In the first quarter of 2016 our programming will be focusing on the Turkish Get Up, the 2 Mile Bike Test and our Pull Up Test.  While these exercises will be the main focus, our workouts will always be full body routines and the auxiliary exercises in this first quarter will be laying the ground work for the next tests later in the year. 

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