Clients also get our
Your Path Program

Developed by founder Brian Ayers, CSCS, this in-depth approach 
to health and fitness combines exercise, nutrition and motivational 
coaching to help you transform your mind, your body and your life. 
Don't waste time following some one-size-fits-all diet or exercise 
plan that may or may not work for you. Our specially designed 
YourPath Program puts you in the driver seat of making lasting 
behavioral changes while guiding you towards adopting a lifestyle 
of health and fitness.   

All Rugged Fitness Clients Receive Unlimited Access To: 
  • The Healthy Lifestyle Workbook with important information about healthy eating, exercise and tools for harnessing your motivation as the driving force behind your wellness journey.  It also provides weekly nutritional exercises to help you incorporate healthy eating into your daily life.  
  • The Wellness Vision Worksheet, which will guide you through discovering and harnessing your true motivations and setting meaningfully goals that will serve as a road map to achieving success. This worksheet is most helpful when completed with the guidance of a coach in one of our YourPath "Beginning The Journey" Sessions.
  • Weekly Goal Evaluation Worksheets to help you evaluate your goals from the previous week, develop strategies to overcome obstacles you encounter and craft goals for the next week.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Weekly Scoring Sheets which help you to track the key components of living a Healthy Lifestyle.  This will help you evaluate your weekly progress through numerical values. 

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What Can This Program Do For You?

Jennie's Story

After gaining over 20lbs in college, I knew that I had to start losing weight 
somehow. I would work out and eat healthy on my own and would lose about 
8lbs but it would never last.  Every time there was a birthday party, a holiday, 
or just a night out with my friends--I would give in to social pressures because 
I had no plan or strategy to get to get back on track. Then I would end up 
going back to my old eating habits and would gain the weight back and then 
some.  This cycle would repeat over and over. Each time I would feel worse 
about myself and end up feeling that I would never change my habits. This 
would lead me to eat even more unhealthy and stop exercising. I hit an all 
time low when I was up almost 30lbs from my weight when I started college.  
I was desperate for a change.  That's when looked into Rugged Fitness 
because it was different than any other gym I had tried and after reading 
over the "YourPath" program description on the website it sounded like 
exactly what I needed.  

The Wellness Vision worksheet really made me think a lot about the deeper
reasons of why I wanted to change my habits.  I determined what my final 
goals for my weight loss were, then worked backwards from there to create 
3 month goals. From there, I broke down my 3 month goals to weekly goals that focused on small (but crucial!) steps that helped make the changes manageable. My goals for my nutrition changes and weight loss suddenly seemed achievable and that was a great feeling in itself.  I no longer felt hopeless. 

I used to view weight loss as having to go on a "diet" and then I could go back to eating junk food, but now 
I know that will never lead to success that LASTS. I learned that being successful in weight loss is to learn how to incorporate these nutritional changes into my lifestyle. I am now the lightest I have weighed in 4 years, have reached all of my 3 month goals, and I even ran my first 5k this fall.  I now know I can accomplish my goals thanks to the strategies I have learned in this program. The small lifestyle changes I have made each week have added up to 15lbs lost, cooking healthy meals, exercising at least 5 times a week, and most importantly MAINTAINING healthy habits regardless of obstacles that come up in daily life! I know that I wouldn't be where I am now without this program and I am more motivated each day to continue in my success.
This video provides a brief introduction of the program from creator Brian Ayers, CSCS.