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Success Doesn't Come In A Bottle

by Rugged Coaches on 06/26/15

Contributed by Coach Brian

You can’t turn on the TV or thumb through a magazine now a days without coming across an advertisement for the next great weight loss gimmick. The formula for these ads is pretty standard. There will either be incredible before and after pictures or photos of fitness models standing with, and/or using the product being advertised. These images will always be accompanied by enthusiastic testimonials from people claiming to have gotten in their current shape solely by using this wonder  product. Some companies will go as far as to get “doctors” that endorse the effectiveness of this amazing new pill or powder. 

The reality is that the people in the before and after pictures were paid good money for their transformations. While they may have been using the product throughout their weight loss, I guarantee that they were also receiving expert advice in the areas of exercise and nutrition. The product itself may have contributed very little to their overall success.  Another effective technique that many ad agencies utilize is fitness models.  If the ad does not contain a before picture then the people that you see in it are just in-shape people paid to hold up the product. More than likely they had never seen the product prior to the day of their photo shoot. These people simply did a good job picking their parents.

Not only are the majority of these products ineffective on their own, many of them come with a laundry list of harmful side effects.  The most important thing to come to terms with is the fact that you simply can not bottle success.  While some products can aid in the weight loss process when used properly, real weight loss success comes from adopting a healthy lifestyle by taking the time to make lasting behavioral changes in the areas of nutrition and exercise.  It may seem like hard work at first, but you are building positive habits that will ensure long term success instead of buyers’ remorse. 

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