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I Just Want To Get Ripped! Why Should I Care About The FMS?

by Rugged Coaches on 03/29/16

Contributed By Coach Tommy

So you want to start a new exercise routine because your goal is to put on 5lbs of muscle while losing fat over the next 6 months. You have your nutrition all figured out and ready to go. After reading a great article on a exercise routine that looks promising, you start to training your butt off. It calls for Kettlebell front squats, overhead presses and lots of reverse lunges. After 2 weeks you notice that your low back has been a little sore and right knee is starting to act up. Not to mention your neck feels stiff in the morning. But you have 5 months and 2 weeks of training left, now what?

What if you had a map that told you, you might encounter some issues if you take path X and you should be okay if you take path Y.  Also the rate of success would improve drastically if you weren't always taking 2 steps forward and 1 back. Wouldn't you be much more confident in your approach?

This is a story that happens every day. Even though kettlebell front squats are an excellent exercise, for someone with limited hip or ankle mobility they could be the worst thing possible for them to attempt. But how would you know if you fit into this category? This is where using a movement screening tool, like the FMS, can help shed some light on what is going to be a long term success strategy, rather than a short term high cost practice. Movement just like nutrition needs a detailed approach and some objective feedback that can lead us in the right direction. But just like nutrition everyone is different. Since we are all human we can have some standards and some things that will fall in a grey area.

So before you jump right into the next Men's Fitness article workout, come in for a free Strategy Session with one of our coaches and let us help you figure out what the best workout is for you.  Here's a link to an overview of the screening process and how we utilize it: https://youtu.be/nlZf04uZVZk

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