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The Rugged Lifestyle

Living the Rugged Lifestyle is something anyone can do.  It means always striving to be a better, stronger, faster, sharper person than you were yesterday.  Not just physically, but in all areas of your life.  In the Rugged Lifestyle, we exercise because movement is what our bodies were built to do.  We eat healthy because it makes us feel good and gives us the energy to overcome new and exciting challenges.

Come join us and learn how you can Live Rugged!
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The Maintain Challenge Is Back!!
It's easy to loose focus during the holidays, so how do you survive with your waistlines intact? It's going to take a plan of attack & a good support team. That's why we run our yearly 
Maintain Challenge.  
Sign ups are going on right now and the program starts officially starts October 27th. It's only $10 to register, so gather your team and lets all tackle the holiday season together!!

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Last Year's Winners 
Karen & Kim