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The Rugged Kids Mission:

Get Kids Moving & Combat Childhood Obesity

Mentor Kids In Developing A Love Of 
Fitness To Last Their Whole Life

Develop Strength, Speed & Agility 
To Excel In Their Athletic Pursuits

Teach Discipline & Self Respect
Rugged Kids is not simply a scaled down version of our adult programs. Rugged Kids is our specialized children's program designed and created by Rugged Fitness Coach: John Hoadley. John has over 20 years of martial arts, personal and group fitness experience working with both children and adults. In addition, John has the insight that comes with being a dad, and regularly training with his son Jarod.
In addition to the physical benefits of training,  children will also acquire respect for themselves, each other and those around them.  They will be developing confidence, team work, self-control and self-discipline which will benefit them through out childhood, their teen years and as an adult.
In our Rugged Kids program, children learn and grow through unique and exciting fitness based activities. Rugged Kids develops healthy minds and strong bodies under the guidance of trained and dedicated instructors in a safe, clean and noncompetitive environment.

Your kids learn the importance of exercise & staying in shape to achieve various goals of general fitness, physical activities, sports and athletics. We coach kids with an eclectic combination of body weight exercises, calisthenics, cardio fitness, light strength training and martial arts. They learn to have fun while developing the following:
Muscle strength * Coordination * Agility
Timing * Speed * Stamina * Accuracy
Flexibility * Focus * Balance

In addition to fitness and exercise we also talk with children about proper nutrition throughout our classes.
  • We encourage both parents and children to have fun with food and be creative in finding ways to eat healthy.
  • Parents will have access to all of our Nutrition & Motivation tools and services including our Online Meal Planner and YourPath Program.
  • We will talk with parents and answer whatever questions you might have. We recognize that it's important for coaches, children and parents to communicate and work together. Parents are welcome and encouraged to talk with coaches and watch classes anytime. 

Below are the packages for the Rugged Kids Program.  
First time participants must chose one of the discounted Intro Packages.
*Current active members receive 10% off of the basic monthly packages
Class Schedule:
Sessions are divided up by age groups.  Our older group is ages 11-15 and our younger group is ages 7-10.  Children under 7 years old will need to be evaluated on an individual basis to determine if their ability and maturity level is appropriate for group sessions.
Rugged Kids 10 & under
  • Tuesday: 4:30 - 5:30pm
  • Friday: 4:30 - 5:30pm
  • Sunday: 11:15am - 12:15pm

Rugged Kids 11-15
  • Monday: 4:30 - 5:30pm
  • Thursday: 4:30 - 5:30pm
Once-A-Week Package

Intro Package - $75 ($89 value)
Includes Boxing Gloves

Monthly Package - $68+tax
(10% discount for current members)

Twice-A-Week Package

Intro Package - $115 ($130 value)
Includes Boxing Gloves

Monthly Package - $110+tax
(10% discount for current members)