Group Session Schedule

The facility is open during group sessions.  All other times
by appointment only. Feel free to contact us  if you have any
questions about our programs.

**Please arrive 15minutes early if it's your 1st session or you need to wrap for boxing

Group Session Descriptions

Strength Sessions

Strength Foundations – All new members and participants are strongly encouraged to attend at least three of these sessions during their first month training at Rugged Fitness.  In these sessions you will learn the proper form and technique to safely and effectively utilize all of our unique training equipment including the TRX, Kettlebells, Ropes, Bulgarian Bags & more. (60 minute session)

Rugged Boot Camp – This session is designed for individuals of all fitness levels that want to build full body strength and endurance.  Working as an individual and in teams, you will be challenged with a variety of unique exercises and drills designed to help you body be all it can be.  (50 minute session)

Boxing Sessions

Boxing Foundations  – Wrap your wrists and put on your gloves because this is not your average cardio boxing group class.  In these intro level boxing sessions you will be learning fundamental boxing techniques and combinations as you attack our rows of heavy bags.  Who needs a treadmill when you can get your cardio and stress relief all from one high energy session!
(50 minute session)

Boxing Conditioning  – Take your boxing conditioning to the next level and get a full body strength workout in at the same time.  We combine strength exercises such as push ups, lunges, squats and jumps with the cardio intensity of your favorite boxing drills. 
(60 minute session)

Kickboxing – Make your whole body a weapon.  Working on our heavy bags, you will learn how to put together devastating combinations of fist, leg & knee strikes that will not only knock out any opponent, but also knock unwanted pounds off.

Specialty Sessions

TRX Training - Take your TRX workouts to the next level with this fun and challenging session.  Through a combination of basic and advanced TRX exercise, we will lead you through a full body workout using your own body weight as the only resistance!  (50 minute session)

MMA Conditioning -  MMA fighters are some of the most versatile athletes in the world. The sport combines strength, power and endurance along with agility and a variety of fighting styles and techniques. This class blends a variety of fighting technique drills with strength & conditioning work to build agility, stamina and give you an amazing full body workout. (60 minute session)

Kettlebell Conditioning - Over 350 years old, Kettlebells are still one of the most effective pieces of equipment you can pick up.  Come see how this ancient training tool combined with modern techniques can build amazing strength and shred those unwanted pounds. (50 minute session)

Double Trouble -  Get the best of boxing and boot camp in one action packed session.  This class combines the strength building aspects of Boot Camp with the cardio blasting power of Boxing fused together to give you one of the most unique group session experiences of your life!!

Advanced Sessions

Rugged Challenge – We ramp it up for this weekly challenge, taking drills and exercises from all of the other sessions that week, along with a few surprises, and combining them into one monster workout.  We’ve also increased the work intervals and the total session time to test your strength & endurance. This is where we answer the question: Are You Rugged?!! (60 minute session)
Group Session spaces are limited.  Please book your session in advance on our Rugged Fitness Online booking system.  Visit our Rates & Packages page for more info on membership pricing.
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